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OSHOFest Whiterobe celebration. Won't you join the dance?
Posted by OWF    Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 14:40
OSHOFest is a spiritually charged event that has been taking place in North America and Mexico and is being offered for the first time in Nepal. This event has been organized to bring together Osho lovers from around the globe and spend 5 days together in meditation, celebration and relaxation. Various sessions in the events will help you enter into a deeper state of inner peace, balance and harmony. Whether you have just heard about Osho or have been an Osho lover throughout your life, you will walk away with blissfulness that will enrich your life. In a synergy of spiritual seeking, OSHOFest offers an opportunity to enjoy Osho meditations and celebration in the beat of live music in an energy field with divinely vibes.

OSHOFest Nepal 2019 with One Sky Band is a festival of an international group of musicians, therapists and healers renowned for their sensitive and high-energy performances. Their unique and original compositions draw from a wide variety of sources: rock, soul, world, reggae, and pop. Each band member is familiar with the mystic art of creating silence from sound; spiritual ecstasy through dance and song. Their performances create a supportive, healing atmosphere where the inner world unfolds revealing its mysteries. Bring your dancing shoes and come prepared for these special days of music, meditation, and celebration that will surely touch the Heart and give wings to the Spirit.