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I donít know English at all
Posted by OWF    Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 10:33
Osho, why do you speak a strange kind of English? - although I love it.


I dont know English at all. In fact I donít know any language really. Thats why I can go on speaking so easily, unafraid, unworried, undeterred by languages grammar, etcetera. I am not a great orator. I simply go on saying to you whatsoever happens in the moment.

Thats why sometimes Napoleon turns into Nero, Nero turns into Napoleon; Greek becomes Latin, Latin becomes Greek. You are listening to a drunkard! It is a miracle that I can utter a few sensible words and you can make some sense out of it.

Sometimes I even laugh about what I have said to you. Just the other day... whenever I see Pradeepa bowing her head down, then I know that I must have told something wrong. Just a few days ago I was saying cropping the reap instead of reaping the crop. Pradeepa is my criterion: then I just look at her and I know I have done it again.

But what more can you expect from someone who is utterly drunk?

An elderly gentleman with a walrus moustache, frock coat, and bowler hat jiggled the telephone receiver.

"I say, operator," he said, "I want to talk to Sir Reginald Barrett in Grosvenor Square, London."

"Im afraid I cant hear you, sir," said the operator.

"Sir Reginald Barrett, Grosvenor Square, London," said the party.

"I still cant hear you," said the operator. "I guess you are English, arent you?"

"My dear madam," said the gentleman, "if I were any more English I could not talk at all."

Fortunately, I dont know much English. Hence, I can talk undeterred by any linguistic barriers. This is not English English, this is not American English, this is not even Indian English it is simply Rajneesh English. It HAS to be strange.

And what about my Italian!

Scene: Father visiting his son in jail.

Father: "You-a no-a good-a bumma, you! I raise you to be-a a good-a kid-a!"

Son: "Please, Father, dont talk like that."

Father: "Im-a ashame-a. You-a, you-a no good-a son!"

Son: "Father, please, dont talk that way."

Father: "Why-a I no talk-a this-a way?"

Son: "Because you are not Italian!"

I am neither Italian nor English nor Indian nor Chinese, and I have to talk all these languages. So I go on winging the wong number.

Osho, Be Still and Know, Ch 6, Q 4