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Always listen to the rhythm...
Posted by OWF    Tuesday, August 21, 2018 at 13:32
Osho: No, no, dont be worried about pictures. Whatsoever feels good to you is good. Just listen to your body, always listen to your body. And keep it in mind not only about this posture but about everything: the ultimate decisive factor is your own inner experience. Somebody may have liked to put the right leg first and then it may have become a tradition. In the East there is such an attitude that once you start one thing, others will simply go on doing the same thing for centuries. Nobody will ever ask Why?; that is simply not asked. Then sometimes great harm happens. For somebody it may be good, his energy may move better that way. It may not be good for you. You can force yourself and if you do, the body will adjust to it. But you will never enjoy it and it will become arduous and unnecessary trouble. If one listens to ones own body things go easily, smoothly, relaxedly. And the body has its own wisdom. Listen to what others are saying, give it attention but the final deciding factor is you and your own inner experience.

In the books it is written Get up early in the morning at five oclock. A few people get up because it is written in the books and for the whole day they feel sleepy. It doesnt suit their body rhythm. Those books were written by old people and it happens in old age that you cannot sleep long. If somebody is writing a book at the age of eighty, he cannot sleep more than three or four hours at the most. So if he goes to sleep even at twelve oclock, by three or four he is awake. And an old person writing a book for everybody!

When the child is in the mothers womb it sleeps for twenty-four hours. Thank God he cannot read these books! Otherwise he will try to get up early in the morning! When the child is born he will sleep twenty-three hours, twenty-two hours, twenty hours, eighteen hours, sixteen... slowly, slowly.... By the time you are sexually mature you will sleep near about seven to eight hours; that is natural. By the time you are forty-two, sleep will start falling more - five, six, four hours. By the time you are past seventy sleep dwindles almost to nothing.

But those books were written by old people. In those days, only old people used to write books. Who would read a young persons book? People ask What experience have you got? And all those books were written by men. Now, there is a different rhythm with a woman but women also read the same books and follow them. There is a gap of two hours between man and womans rhythm.

The woman wants to sleep in a little longer than the man in the morning. Now these are scientific facts. If man can easily get up at six, the woman will find it easier to get up at about seven or eight. So the morning tea should be prepared by the husband, not by the wife if we follow the natural rhythm.

Always listen to the rhythm, and always follow it. So whatsoever you feel good, is good. Both legs are yours and both are perfectly good legs, mm? One is not higher and the other lower. Never think that the right is right and the left is wrong; both are right!

Osho, Let Go!, Ch 16