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Meaning of Awareness
Posted by Osho World Foundation    Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 11:58

What do you mean by awareness? How is it possible to live life in moment-to-moment awareness?

Awareness just means awareness. You usually only lead your life unawakened, in sleep. Sleep means to forget yourself and to awaken is to remember yourself. You should live life in such a way that no situation can make you forget yourself. Sitting or standing, walking or resting, you should not forget yourself. You should always be conscious that “I am.” Then slowly, even the “I” will disappear and only your presence will remain.

If you become angry, remember “I am” and anger will not arise because anger only comes in your sleep. If thoughts arise, remember “I am” and they will disappear – because thoughts are friends of your sleep. When anger, sex, greed, desire, disappear from within you, finally the “I” also leaves and where there is no “I”, godliness dwells.

Osho, Into the Void, Ch 5 (excerpt, translated from Hindi)