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Revelations from a Conversation With Trees | Swami Prem Parivartan AKA Peepal Baba | TEDxIIITD
Posted by Osho World Foundation    Monday, June 25, 2018 at 12:50

GIve Me Trees and Swami Prem Parivartan (Peepal Baba) 

Swami Prem Parivartan is the founder trustee of Give Me Trees Trust. He has dedicated 40 years to this initiative. His work of peepal trees (ficus religiosa ) is so humongous that people and media nicknamed him Peepal Baba in the 1980s. His life is nothing but a story of building a large constituency of volunteers across regions who now work for propagation and promotion of the peepal tree. His insistence on preserving and serving each tree sapling for a period of two years from the date of planting, became the mantra for his volunteers. The more people understood his work, the more joined him.

Early motivations arose from his experiences of deforestation that he witnessed all around him. He travelled across several states to convince people to protect this tree. Driving on his motorcycle across regions, he went about spreading awareness on forest trees and their importance to the survival of the human race. The ever-diminishing number of Peepal trees from roadsides, countryside, farms, highways, roads and forest areas, motivated him enough to keep going one year after the other.

He was inspired by his school teacher while studying in the fourth grade to plant trees, and that became his lifelong mission as time passed. His love for the natural world, trees, bees, birds and butterflies, rivers, forests, farms and mountains, kept him on his path of working with trees. 41 years (1977-2018), is a good enough period for someone to grow into his mission as much as the mission to grow into him. Today, Give Me Trees Trust is an institution in its own right.

He is fondly called ‘Peepal Baba’ because he has devoted his entire life towards planting Peepal trees. He is one of the largest planter of Peepal Trees in the world, having planted more than 12 million trees across India. Though the actual number of trees planted is far higher than 20 million, Give Me Trees maintains that 12 million is the number that has survived the test of time. It is one of the largest tree planting and preservation initiatives in our country today, with over 7000 volunteers as the soul of this effort. Give Me Trees evolved on a simple mantra of plant only that which you can preserve. “Bring back your trees” appeal to the volunteers, motivated the community to preserve their saplings like ‘children’.

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