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Swami Samvado aka Sam A Harmonious Life of Zorba the Buddha
Posted by Osho World Foundation    Monday, April 30, 2018 at 14:11

Swami Samvado aka Sam
A Harmonious Life of Zorba the Buddha

At the age of 48, Samvado had his first heart attack and survived itand he continued living his life 40 years more, and left his body at age of 88 in Pune this year on 29th April. Next day, on 30th April, the Buddha Purnima, hundreds of sannyasin friends came together to give him a celebrative send off to the further shore.

Last year he had revealed in his interview to Oshonews that in a chance meeting with an old man of 92, he got inspired by him, as this man was living a wonderfully youthful life. And Sam was only 50, was barely able to walk and breathe. He said: One of the things I learnt from him was to sing a song every morning. I still sing that song. It goes: "Oh, what a beautiful morning! Oh, what a beautiful day! I have got a wonderful feeling, everythings going my way." I still sing it every day, sometimes two or three times, if I remember. It gives me the energy to see things in a positive way.

Six months later, someone told him about Osho and in a book fair in San Fransisco he bought two books by Osho: My Way the Way of the White Clouds and Tantra the Supreme Understanding. These books touched his heart deeply and he started doing Osho Dynamic meditation in an Osho center in San Fransisco. Eventually, he bought his ticket to Pune.

Being in the ashram, he felt he was transported to some other worldpeople dancing, singing and celebrating. Sam participated in some group therapies for three months and after his sannyas initiation and a new name Swami Samvado, these three months became three years and became thirty. To be precise, Samvado lived 38 years of his life in Pune.

Samvado said that after thirty years, he was much quieter and happier, fulfilled and satisfied. He rented a house in Pune where he could live six months a year and the rest of the time he was traveling to Bali, California, Florida, Europe, Thailand...teaching Osho meditations, especially Osho No-Dimensions and Sufi dancing. Samvado reminds us: Osho constantly urges us to meditate and celebrate and remember to witness our daily life. Meditation is about bringing into ones life, and into ones being, a fragrance that lasts the whole day. More than Vipassana and Zen, Oshos active meditations are proving more accessible and attractive to young people.

Teaching Osho meditations to young people in the ashram and around the world, Samvado remained young forever, life-affirmative and celebrative. He was truly a Zorba the Buddha, Oshos New Man, who became a wonderful source of inspiration to thousands of young sannyasins.

"I would like you to enjoy the wholeness of your being, when your body, your heart, your intellect all fall in tune. I have called that the new man Zorba the Buddha." Osho

Swami Chaitanya Keerti