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You say that one has to pay for everything in life
Posted by Osho World Foundation    Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 17:58
Nothing is free

Q: You say that one has to pay for everything in life. Isnt there any exception?

Listen to this anecdote.

An American in Paris asked a cabby to give him the address of a good brothel. He went there alone, selected his partner, and ordered dinner. Later that evening, after satisfying his every whim, the thoroughly-drained gentleman went downstairs and asked the Madame for his bill.

There is no charge, Monsieur, said the lady of the house. Astonished, but not disposed to argue the matter, the gentleman departed. The next night he returned to the brothel and repeated his performance of the previous night. Upon leaving this time however, he was shocked to learn that his bill was eight hundred francs.

Impossible! the American shrieked. I was here last evening and I got everything and you didnt charge me a sou.

Ah, said the Madame, but last night you were on television.

Yes, sometimes you may get something free, but be aware you may be on television.

In fact, there is nothing in life that you can get without paying for it and you only get as much as you are ready to pay for. When you are ready to pay with your life, you get eternal life in return.

Nothing is free, nothing can be free.

Osho, The Secret of Secrets Vol 1, Ch 16, Q 3