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The Real Mischief-Mongers
Posted by Osho World Foundation    Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 10:39
Q: Does attainment to the seventh chakra, samadhi, total dissolution of the ego, mean that one no longer is interested in the problems that face mankind? - hunger, poverty, miserable living conditions, little room to develop ones own abilities, talents.

In fact, before you have dro-pped your own problems, you cannot have the right perspective to understand the world problems. Your own home is in such a mess, your own inner being is in such a mess - how can you have a perspective to understand VAST problems? You have not even understood yourself start from there, because every other start will be a wrong start.

And people who are in a tremendously confused state of mind start helping others, and start proposing solutions. These people have created more troubles in the world than they have solved. These are the real mischief-mongers: the politicians, the economists, the so-called public servants, missionaries. These are the real mischief-mongers - they have not solved their own inner consciousness yet, and they are ready to bump into everybody else and to solve everybody elses problem. In fact, in this way they are avoiding their own reality: they dont want to face it. They want to remain engaged somewhere else with somebody else - this gives them good occupation, good distraction.

Remember: you are the world problem, YOU are the problem, and unless you are solved, whatsoever you do is going to make things more complicated. First bring your home in an order - create a cosmos there it is a chaos.

There is one ancient Indian fable, a very old story but of great importance...

A great but foolish king complained that the rough ground hurt his feet, so he ordered the whole kingdom to be carpeted with cowhide to protect his feet. but the court fool laughed at this - he was a wise man. Said he, "The kings idea is simply ridiculous."

The king was very angry and said to the fool, "You show me a better alternative, otherwise you will be put to death."

The fool said, "Sire, cut out small pads of cowhide to cover your feet." And this is how shoes were born.

There is no need to cover the whole earth with cowhide just covering your feet covers the whole earth. And this is the beginning of wisdom.

Yes, there are problems, I agree. There are great problems. Life is so much of a hell. Misery is there, poverty is there, violence is there, all kinds of madnesses are afloat, thats true - but still I insist the problem arises in the individual soul. The problem is there because individuals are in a chaos. The total chaos is nothing but a combined phenomenon: we have all poured our chaos into it.

The world is nothing but a relationship we are related with each other. I am neurotic, you are neurotic: then the relationship goes very very neurotic - multiplied, not only doubled. And everybody is neurotic, hence the world is neurotic. Adolf Hitler is not born out of the blue - we create him. Vietnam is not born out of the blue - we create it. It is our pus that comes out it is our chaos that takes the toll. The beginning has to be with you: you are the world problem. So dont avoid the reality of your inner world - that is the first thing.

Osho, The Divine Melody, Ch 8, Q 4 (excerpt)