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You can get enlightened in any colour
Posted by OWF    Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 17:51
Sannyas is not life-negative - my sannyas is not. It is a simple inner trust. It is a gesture of surrender - that you love me and will allow me to love you... that if I shower my love on you, you will receive it in gratefulness.

Two piece robes divide the body into upper and lower. Below the belt is sex, above the belt is acceptable. When you wear a one piece robe, your body is one - nothing higher or lower. When your body flows as one, you will feel a certain aura of energy around you. The orange protects and seals this in.

One can meditate and can become enlightened in any colour. I am giving you something irrational just to test whether you are ready to go with me.

I put a mala around your neck just to make a fool of you. People laugh at you - they think you have gone crazy. Thats what I want because if you can go with me, even while I am making you almost mad, then I know that when the real crisis comes, you will have trust. These are crises artificially created around you. They are tremendously significant, with no reason. Their significance is deeper than reason.

My meditations are not just techniques. Joy is more basic. So while doing them, dont carry any seriousness in the mind; dont carry the idea that you are doing great religious work. No - you are enjoying them like a dance, a song.

Osho, Get Out of Your Own Way, Ch 12