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Don't allow money to use you
Posted by owp    Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 10:08
You become really human only when you start moving in the inner direction of possessing yourself. It can happen only through meditation. Money and meditation are the two directions. If you want to possess things money; if you want to possess yourself - meditation. And if you possess yourself, money loses all meaning. I am not saying that you will renounce money, I am not saying that you will not earn money, but it loses all meaning. Then it is fun, then it is a utility; then you earn and you spend, then you are not a miser; then it is a good medium of exchange - very helpful, but nothing more. It is not your soul, it is not your god.

Ordinarily money seems to be the only god in the world. People look on money as they look on God: they pray. In India... you will be surprised; they say that India is a religious country, but in fact you cannot find a more materialistic country anywhere. This is one of the most materialistic countries - they worship money. They have a festival, Diwali, then they worship money - exactly, they worship. They pile up money and worship it like God with mantras, chanting, and a priest offering flowers to the money.

When you possess yourself you use money, you dont allow money to use you. So this is just indicative of your becoming a little alert. Everybody is deeply interested in things, but when you become a little alert then you recognise the fact: Why am I so interested in things? A good indication, a good symbol, that you have become alert about it. Through this alertness you will start turning inwards.

Recognise the fact that you are empty... and then immediately the idea will arise Then what am I to do? Go into this emptiness. It cannot be filled by anything from the outside. If you go in, it can be filled. If you reach to your centre of being, it will be full. And that is real fullness. Then you are an emperor - outwardly you may be just a beggar. Then you are really rich, and the richness is such that nobody can take it away from you. Even death cannot separate you from your richness.

This richness you are carrying as a treasure in your being, but you have not looked there. Start looking inside, search your house. Take a small candle of meditation and go in.

Osho, Tao: The Pathless Path, Vol 1, Ch 14, Q 6