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You can also come with me
Posted by owp    Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 16:32
You can also come with me. And that is the only way to know where I go. I cannot say anything about it - anything said about it will not be true. But I can invite you: I am an open invitation, a beckoning door. Come through me.

These moments that I am with you, I am at the very source of things. If you can fall in tune with me, if you can become harmonious with me, you will also be at the very source of things. You will have a taste of Tao or Dhamma or God, or whatsoever you want to call it.

I am available to you. In that gesture, a great door is available to you. You can move from the false to the true, you can move from the sound to the silence, you can move from the momentary to the eternal. You can move from life/death into that which knows neither life nor death - which is immortal.

These moments that I am with you are not to impart any teaching to you - I have none. I am not a teacher, I am a master. A teacher teaches, a master makes it available. A teacher talks about truth, a master IS truth. A teacher gives you ideas about that, a master IS that.

This is satsang, this is communion.

Yes, if you come with me, if you dont argue with me - thats where you miss - if you dont decide whether what this man is saying is right or wrong... Because what I am saying is neither right nor wrong. What I am saying is just a device, a hypothetical device, just to bring you closer and closer towards me. What I am saying is just a toy so that you can remain engaged playing with me.

And in that playing, sometimes, when you are lost in the play, when you are absorbed in the play, you come through me. Those moments cannot be created directly, they can be created only indirectly. I am creating a buddhafield, a situation, an occasion - an occasion where sometimes without even becoming aware, you will be transported.

And many of you have been transported, many of you KNOW it, it is happening every day. Dont ask me where I go. First I have to come to you, because I have to take you there. So I come to you through words - there is no other way to come to you. And if I have to take you into another kind of world, then I have to come to you. I will have to hold your hand in my hand. And language is the only way that you know how to commune - hence I speak.

But once I have spoken - I have given my hand into your hand, I have used YOUR language to be with you - now you have to use MY language to be with me. Now give your hand to me. My language is silence - as your language is sound, my language is silence. If I talk to you and you are silent, then your hand is in my hand. If I am talking here and you are also talking there inside yourself, then my hand remains close to you but your hand never comes into my hand.

When I am talking you need not talk. I am doing it already, for you and for me, both. You can be silent. Silence is my language - I speak your language sometimes, you have to speak my language too.

I am talking and you are listening, with no thoughts in your mind - and you will be transported! Poona will disappear, all these people around you will disappear. Yes, thats what must have been happening...

You ask: An empty white chair
Divine words
Melting with
Divine silences.
Osho, where do you go every day between
8 am and 9.45 am?

I go to the eternal home. First I come to you, through my words. And those who can hold my hand and can become silent start moving with me to the eternal home. That is my home and that is your home, that is everybodys home. That home is God.

Osho, Take It Easy, Vol 2, Ch 8, Q 6