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One of the questions by Pritish Nandy that Osho answered in Pune 2.
Posted by owp    Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 13:39
Satya Vedant reads Pritish Nandy’s question to Osho:
What will be your view about corruption, because people are having a controversy about Bofors gun deal in which the middle man took away lot of money. So the question was, should there be a middle man in the defence purchases? And what should be the foreign policy of India?

Osho: Looking at the whole complex, corruption cannot be stopped whether there is a middle man or not. If the world is one, war becomes impossible. With whom you are going to fight? And there is no need for defence departments, purchasing through middle men weapons or anything. A single solution is a world government. Corruption will disappear, because the world government will look at the whole area.

If people are paid just to survive, they cannot even laugh, then they cannot be stopped from taking bribery.

A more human attitude will be that those who are taking corruption they should be used, not condemned. But the governments go on talking about destroying corruption, and they themselves are supported by the corrupted people. So they cannot do. Promises and promises... And no promise is ever fulfilled.

So I dont believe in nationalism, and I dont believe in any religion. I believe in the individual and his happiness.

Corruption will continue if there is too much hierarchy and too much poverty. And nobody can blame them. I have only compassion for them. A man wants to get his daughter to be married, he has to sell his land or his house for the dowry. And the man who is accepting it, you cannot condemn him either, because he has sold his land, he has worked hard for his boy to grow and educated.

So it is so interlinked that you cannot solve one problem separately. All the problems have to be taken as a inter-net, and only a world government can change it. Once the world government is there, no army is needed, no navy is needed, no air force is needed for fighting purposes. They all become usable. And all this energy that is wasted in the army and armament... Even poorest countries are wasting their money - seventy percent of their income - into arms. They may not have bread, but they want atomic bomb and plants.

India itself is growing fast in population. The government cannot enforce birth control and hide its face. In the name of democracy, how you can enforce?

When the country became forty years before independent, it had only fifty million people. And now it is coming close to one billion - almost doubled. And for the first time within ten years India will be the most populated country. Up to now, China had that post.

But you cannot support these people. The earth is poor. You have exploited the earth for thousands of years, and you have not nourished it, you have not put nourishment for earth - manure, chemicals. And every source is limited.

My vision is not of a nationalism.

And I hate dictatorship, hiding behind any name. Sometimes it is "emergency", and I could not see what emergency was there. Sometimes... Now it is national defence. But who is...? And this creates problem - anything that goes against your own constitution. In the constitution you are very beautiful and flowery. But in practice, if you want totalitarian power, you can make a parliament act, a defence act which is not under the law of the land. A man can be forced into jail. He cannot appeal, and it may not be even said why you are arrested.

Nations should disappear. With them almost ninety percent problems will disappear. And the ten percent can be managed to disappear, they will not be so big.

Humanity can live as beautifully as birds are living. No bird is rich and no bird is poor. Even birds have a classless society, and man cannot have it. It is simply idiotic.

Osho, The Last Testament, Vol 6, Ch 16 (unpublished excerpt)