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Posted by owp    Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 12:39
A guy goes to see a psychiatrist with an undiagnosed problem. The shrink gives him a test of visual association. He lays a drawing of a triangle before him and says, “What does this remind you of?” The guy studies it briefly and says, “Sex.”

Then he places a drawing of a square on the table, “And this?” “Sex”

The third drawing was of a circle. “Sex” says the guy again.

The psychiatrist gathers the papers together and ponders to himself before giving his opinion.

“It seems to me,” he says, “that you have an Obsessive Sex Complex.”

“Who me?” says the guy, “but you are the one flashing the dirty pictures!”

Do you get the joke Aroon?

In your silly and superficial article about visiting an enlightened masters commune you manage to insert the word ‘sex’ five times along with sexist descrip-tions such as ‘gorgeous looking girls dressed in red shorts and halters with Uzis’ and ‘She was tiny Tiny shorts. Tightly tied blouse. Great cleavage, I noticed.’

I’d like to say to the august readers of India Today at this point that “My case rests....”

But a few extra things need to be understood about Osho Rajneesh which will inevitably escape the eye of anyone with an Obsessive Sex Complex.

There is a vast malaise on the earth today which is seen in the warring of nations, and widespread terrorism, the collapse of our climate stasis, the depletion of our resources, the suppression of women and ethnic minorities and the pollution of our air, water and soil - to name a few. Osho was specifically addressing these issues by showing humanity that, ‘to change the world we must change ourselves.’ And he was giving us the tools and the means to effect those changes.

That commune in Oregon is recognised by many as the first blueprint of sustainable living in the Western world. Of course it had to be destroyed by Reagan’s fundamentalist Christian government.

So Aroon Purie and Pritish Nandy – here you are 35 years later still hooked into obsessing about short skirts (which none of us wore on the Ranch) cleavages and sex – when you could be changing yourself to add some value to your life and the life of your readers.

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