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Swami Chaitanya Keerti's response to the article in India today
Posted by owp    Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 12:14
In 1997, when Independent India became 50, we published a book by Osho, entitled India My Love. Dr. Manmohan Singh who was the Union Finance Minister that time, released this book during a glittering ceremony in Delhi. Mr. Pritish Nandy, the former editor of The Illustrated Weekly of India, had given a beautiful comment to be published on the back cover of this wonderful book. I admired his statement. He wrote: "Few people have understood India like Osho. It was an understanding at many levels. The philosophical, the historic, the purely emotional - and even the political and the literary, the wanton and the spiritual. His was a holistic understanding. An understanding that went beyond words, into the uncharted terrain of true love. For love was at the core of everything that Osho believed in. It was the ultimate message he left for us. To discover, experience, savour life through love."

20 years have passed and recently, India Today brought out a celebratory issue (September 25, 2017: 70 movers and shapers who changed how we think, behave and do business) to celebrate 70 years of Indias Independence by publishing articles about 70 remarkable people. I was happy to see that there was one article about Osho also.

And it was by Pristish Nandy. I was expecting that by now Pritish must have become a bit more mature and wiser. But I was totally disappointed to see such an idiotic article. His writing ( Rockstar gone wrong: Rajneesh was a godman for all those who were too human) lacks depth and maturity. It seems it has been written by a juvenile journalist (some chhokra) who wanted to create some sensation by harping on sex, sex and more sex and 300 Rolls-Royces. (A quick Google search could have given him the exact number of cars, yet it seems he did not have any patience to check the facts.)

Pritish Nandy seems to be obsessed with sex only, without any knowledge about the total number of books by Osho. By now the whole world knows and millions of book-lovers know as well that Osho is the author of 650 books, besides the one book From Sex to Super Consciousness, that throws light on the transformation and sublimation of sex energy. These books have been made available in about a hundred languages all over the world. Besides millions of common people, so many eminent people, such as artists, writers , psychologists, scientists and therapists are reading them. The list of such people is endless.

Now I wonder what has really happened to Pritish Nandy that he wrote such trash. And what happened to India Today Magazine that it could not find anybody who is worthy to do a real in-depth article on this mystic. It was certainly a worthless piece on Osho. I expect India Today Magazine editors feel sorry and show better understanding next time.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Osho World Foundation
New Delhi