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Osho, how do you define a good speech?
Posted by owp    Monday, September 25, 2017 at 14:58
Difficult to say. I have never delivered a single speech in my life. You are asking a wrong person. But I have heard a definition that I liked and I would like you to know it:

A good beginning and a good ending make a good speech-if they come really close together, the beginning and the end. Of course, the best speech has no middle at all, and the very best is never delivered.

And I have always been delivering the very best, the undelivered one. I have never delivered a single speech in my life, because I deal in silence, not in words. Even when you hear words, that was not the purpose. Even when I use the words, the words are used only as necessary evils because they have to be used, because you cannot understand silence yet.

I am not talking to you. I have nothing to say, because that which I have cannot be said, it cannot be discoursed about. But you dont understand anything else but words, so I have to suffer, I have to use words which are meaningless. And I have to say things which should not be said in the hope that by and by you will start looking more directly into me; by and by, you will not listen to the words but to the message.

Remember: the medium is not the message. The words are not my message. The message is wordless.

I am trying to hand you the undelivered speech. It is a transfer beyond words, so only those who are joined with me through their hearts will be able to receive it.

Osho, The Tantra Vision, Vol 1, Ch2, Q 6