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Ma Meera
Posted by OWF    Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 12:58

Meera died in South Africa from an accident while scuba diving. Her long-time partner Svagito was with her. He writes: Meera – A Whirlwind of Love and Joy

It is impossible for me to write something about Meera that could even come close to describing her. Even after living with her for almost 25 years, she never stops to surprise me, annoy me at times, excite me, make me giggle and fall in love with her again and again. Every moment with her is so fresh, just like she has the ability to bring out the innocent and spontaneous child in almost everyone she meets.

She seems to be connected to an endless reservoir of energy and joy. I remember her returning home to our Poona flat after leading a day of her training course, go shopping right away and then cook for 20 people she had invited for dinner that evening. And if one of her friends or participants were sick she would quickly prepare some miso soup before the evening meeting. She would always tell me that it is her joy to do all that – what a lesson of unconditional giving!

Many people shared with me how meeting Meera transformed their lives and helped them discover their creative potential and love for meditation. Being very straightforward, she could make you feel embarrassed one moment and love her the next. And after each training she would tell me: “That was the best training I have ever done!”

“Understanding that this life is a gift you step into death with a wondering heart. Because once you live your life so totally and intensely and with passion, you can die so peacefully and with a laughter.”

Meera’s favorite flower are morning glories, a small flower that grows wildly and which she loved to paint. She used to explain why she loves that flower: “This flower prepares a whole year just to blossom for only one day!”

Now our Beloved Meera has blossomed and her body has disappeared, but her fragrance will stay with us always, as well as hundreds of her paintings. She truly made this earth a more beautiful place.

Anand Meera (Kasue Hashimoto) was born in Ishikawa, Japan, in 1947. She studied, from 1966–1969, at the Musashino Art University, Tokyo, and from 1970 started visiting European museums and then settled in Toledo, Spain.

Until 1972 she studied drawing at the Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, and Escuela de Arte, Toledo, where she became a co-founder of the Grupo Tolmo and the Galeria Tolmo. In 1974 she became a disciple of Osho and started working also in India and Japan. In 1979, on Osho´s suggestion, she established, together with Geetesh Gibson, the Osho Art School and began leading art workshops all over the world.

Excerpt from the darshan diary, ures in Silence and Sermons in Stones Ch 9 – 9 November 1979

(Japanese artist, Meera, is back. She runs a meditation center and an art gallery and it seems she sent in some samples of her work to Osho.

Hello, Meera! When did you arrive?

Five days ago.

Very good! I looked into your paintings and pictures – really beautiful! You have done a good job. Now you also have to create a group of painters here – just like the theatre group.

Good, Meera. Now start working on it.

She developed new methods of creative expression and started communities in Amsterdam, Sicily and California.