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Ma Darshan
Posted by OWF    Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 01:20

Ma Darshan (Walia) took sannyas in the early seventies and was always part of the Pune commune; whenever we visited, she was there. She contributed generously, and several times, to the publication of Osho’s books.

In one of the Hindi discourses Osho says: “Darshan is Bhairavi.* Her love for me is eternal. She will never ever leave me. Whenever I would look back I will always find her standing behind me.” She was often invited to sit with Osho when he had his meals.

In recent years, due to ill health, she moved back to Mumbai to stay with her husband. She was 86 years old when she died.

Friends say about her:

“She was always fun to be with and often invited friends for lunch or dinner; she was of a very sharing nature.”

“She lived her life fully. A very nice person with a good understanding, loving, laughing, enjoying.”

* “‘Bhairava’ is a specific term, a tantra term for one who has gone beyond. That is why Shiva is known as Bhairava and Devi is known as Bhairavi — those who have gone beyond the dualities.”