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Indian spiritual leaders visit Atlanta
Posted by OSHO WORLD FOUNDATION    Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 03:40
The concept of meditation has been around for thousands of years in the Eastern world and is spreading rampantly throughout the West.

Frustration, stress and anger are a few things a regular meditation practice can help to release, according to Swami Vedant, also known as Vasant Joshi, PhD.

He is a disciple of Osho, a spiritual teacher and guru who died in 1990.Joshi, of India, travels the world guiding people through Osho meditations and spreading Osho’s beliefs and techniques.

He also said people also start to let go of drug, alcohol and smoking habits after developing a meditation practice.

“Many peoples’ lives change in such a way they cannot believe how they could have lived that unconscious, unaware life for so many years,” Joshi said. “They are able to connect and relate with people better. They’re more compassionate, more alive and respect life much better.”

He is currently in Atlanta until June, when he will continue traveling around the states for several months. Joshi hosts three- to four-day meditation retreats, as well as smaller sessions in various locations (www.meetup.com/oshomeditationatlanta). Osho meditation is also offered in yoga studios throughout Atlanta.

For Joshi, his first experiences with Osho meditation in 1975 brought him a “tremendous amount of clarity” and a “life-transforming vision.”

“I see life in a very different light. I learned to enjoy life, not to carry the same burden of the past,” he said.

Joshi described meditation sessions as a gathering of friends to have fun and be aware of all three levels of being; the body, thoughts and emotions.

“Then one begins to experience our consciousness. We are conscious but we don’t do things consciously,” he said. “Another message is we have to respect this life. This life is precious.”

Joshi said Osho believed in one humanity and one consciousness, and his teachings help erase divisions among people created by the mind.

“We have to remove the dichotomy, the split between mind and body and consciousness. They’re all connected,” he said. “We are not here to convert anyone or convince anyone. We are simply saying, ‘Something has worked with us. Maybe it will work for you.’”

Joshi said he tells his practitioners, or “seekers,” to choose one of Osho’s 300 “active” meditation techniques, which includes breathing, catharsis — which can be dancing, crying, laughing jumping or shouting — and seated meditation.

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