Meditation Groups 

Restorative Yoga : The Art of Relaxing and Healing - Restorative Yoga is a type of relaxing yoga known for its calming and healing effect.


The  silence experienced during the session is very similar to what one experiences during Dynamic or Kundalini meditation.
Props are used in order to allow the body to be in the most comfortable, supported position possible. 
It is also believed to boost immune system and accelerate the body`s natural healing process.

This group will include 
(a) Yoga exercises that will make sitting on floor more comfortable and also help to increase duration of sitting. 
(b) Restorative yoga sequence for healthy spine 
(c) Osho`s active and passive meditations 
(d) Sharing session. 

No prior yoga experience is required.

Please bring Maroon Leggings and T shirts for yoga sessions in the group.

Prior booking will help us to arrange props accordingly.