1. Art of Living and Dying -I am indeed teaching people how to die. I am teaching the art of dying because, one who learns the art of dying becomes an expert in the art of living as well. One who agrees to die becomes worthy of living the supreme life. Only those who have known how to erase themselves also come to know how to be. What it means is: I don't see life and death as contrary to each other. Whether I call it the art of dying or whether I call it art of living -- both mean the same thing. OSHO


About the Group: Osho has shared immense light on how to experience the mysteries of life and death in our daily living. The understanding of this complementary process of living and dying opens up; a new door to explore the eternity of life and death with joy and celebration. Come, explore and experience this 3 days of celebrating Osho meditations.

Prerequisite for the participation:

Friends who have done at least 3-4 Meditation Camps and doing active and passive Osho Meditations.