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Osho World Galleria
Osho World : An Introduction

A meditative environment for inner growth and outer splendor.

The vision of the enlightened master Osho, for the newman of the new millennium.

Osho’s insights live on video and audiotapes and in beautiful books. Discover a whole new way of looking at life and even beyond it.

The way to live, love and laugh.

Objects d’art, statuettes, ceramics, Zen stationery, home textiles and decorations, gifts to inspire and meditate, to enhance the quality of life. Robes and apparel for meditation and the marketplace. Herbal cosmetics and Zen tea.

To quench the thirst for information and knowledge about Osho, His vision and its happenings, an information desk with Internet facility. Regular exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, photographs and drawings in tune with Osho’s vision.

Osho World. The décor, setting, lighting, display, piped music or Osho’s soothing words, His books, videos, CDs and cassettes displayed with harmonising artifacts.

Osho authored over 600 books and only the ones produced to high publishing standards are displayed. Books by and on Osho in different languages, different countries show His impact on today’s mind. Various editions of The Osho Times in different languages update the reader.

Osho music for meditation and relaxation on tapes and CDs. Osho spoke millions of words on audio and videotapes. Only those with exacting standards of quality are offered.

Osho World is indeed a world waiting to be experienced.

Who am I?

To travel beyond words, meditate. Osho World has persons who answer your queries, provide information and advice on how to meditate, details about various meditation activities and camps in and around Delhi.

Counseling at a personal level and answers to meditation problems are available.

Hear discourses by Osho on headphones for individual listening. Group discussions are possible in a reserved meeting area.

A mini-video parlour screens Osho’s discourses and his vision transformed into reality at his worldwide centres. An Internet facility at Osho World provides information about Osho and His work at the global level. Osho World is also a fully-fledged media centre for information and background on His vision and current activities.

Experience Osho through His meditations. A journey that begins with the one fundamental burning question "Who am I?"

Osho, an artist? No. A famous spiritual master? Yes, but Osho is hardly known as an artist.

But creativity flowed through His fingers. His love for books created a unique art form in His signatures on them. At one time, he read over a hundred books a week! He would call for a book he liked the most that week and then painted its philosophy or essence on a blank page at the beginning or at the end of the volume.

The shapes in His sprawling signature would be coloured in vibrant hues to make a Zen painting. Over 1,000 of these exist. One of them is incorporated in the Osho World logo.

To maintain this artistic inspiration, Osho World holds regular exhibitions of water colours, oil paintings, pencil sketches, sculptures and photographs.

Osho World organises and sponsors art events by eminent artists and performers at Ansal Plaza’s open-air theater and at other venues such as the Habitat Centre, Kamani Auditorium, FICCI Auditorium or SIRI FORT Auditorium. Spreading the message of awareness both for inner and outer environment remains a prime objective of Osho World.

The Master.

Pure space. Nothing yet Everything - the Universe.

The real master invites you to start your inner growth and lets you pass on through him.

That is Osho.

Variously known as Rajneesh Chandramohan, Acharya Rajneesh, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Zorba The Buddha, and ultimately Osho. As in Oceanic experience of dissolving in the ocean of consciousness. In Far Eastern mysticism it means "the Blessed One, on Whom the Sky Showers Flowers".

In his talks, Osho has polished the gems of all religions and many enlightened masters for 21st century. His discourses on The Gita to Tao, The Upanishads to the Bauls, Yoga to Zarathustra; the teachings of Guru Nanak and the Sufis, Heraclitus to Kabir..the list seems endless. As also His insights.

His lasting contribution: celebration. His mantra: Live, Love Laugh! His vision: The New Man - Zorba the Buddha. The dance of Zorba the Greek blended with the silence of Gautama the Buddha.

His lasting contribution: celebration. His mantra: Live, Love Laugh! His vision: The New Man - Zorba the Buddha. The dance of Zorba the Greek blended with the silence of Gautama the Buddha.

Truly, he has said, "I am the Gate."

He calls. "Come, come, yet again, come."

Are you ready to explore the ultimate reality of your total existence?

For this eternal question find your own answer. With Osho’s meditations:

Dynamic to awaken, Kundalini to energise, Natraj to celebrate, Vipassana to unwind. And many more. To suit your personality and lifestyle, your needs and demands. Osho World offers guidance on these techniques, music to perform them, robes to wear for them, advice to try them out and events to join in for them.

To transport you from the spoken to the unspoken, from theory to technique, from reportage to real experience, Osho World offers the total package.

He calls for them - will you answer?

Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Osho World Foundation, Ansal Plaza, Khelgaon Road, New Delhi - 110049
Phones: +91-11-26261616, 26261617
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