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And Now, And Here
Talks given from 28/10/69 to 31/10/69, Original in Hindi, 15 Chapters, Year Published : 1994
And Now, And Here Content : We become free from that which we have known. We also triumph over that which we have known. Our failure and defeat are only because of our ignorance. Defeat is because of darkness; when there is light, defeat is impossible -- light itself will bring triumph…
The Beginning of the Beginning
Talks given from 25/2/69 pm to 27/2/69 pm, Original in Hindi, 5 Chapters, Year Published : 1969
The Beginning of the Beginning Content : Enchanted by the song of a bird singing happily on the branch of a tree, a king had it caught and kept in a cage. Even singing is wrong in the presence of wrong people. The poor bird could not have imagined that his song would get him behind bars! The bird that flew in abandon in the free skies and flitted from one branch to another as he wished, now found himself in a golden cage, inlaid with precious stones to one who has tasted the freedom of the skies? A cage is a cage, whether of gold or iron…
Beware of Socialism
Talks given from 13/4/70 to 17/4/70, Original in Hindi, 5 Chapters, Year Published : 1978
Beware of Socialism Content : I would like to begin my talk today with an anecdote. In a great city, one day, the streets were crowded with tens of thousands of people. They were waiting with great expectation for the arrival of the king. A little later the royal procession came, and everybody in that huge crowd started talking admiringly about the king's celestial garments. But strangely enough, the king was completely naked; he had not a shred of clothes on him…
Death is Divine
Talks given from 1/10/78 to 10/10/78, Original in Hindi, 10 Chapters, Year Published : 1994
Image Not Available Content : The great Hindi poet, Sumitranandan Pant, once asked me: who in the vast sky of Indian religion are the twelve people, who in my opinion are the brightest shining stars? I gave him this list: Krishna, Patanjali, Buddha, Mahavira, Nagarjuna, Shankara, Gorakh, Kabir, Nanak, Meera, Ramakrishna and Krishnamurti. Sumitranandan Pant closed his eyes and slipped into thought...
Dimensions Beyond the Known
Talks given from 1/2/71 to 31/3/71, Original in Hindi, 6 Chapters, Year Published : 1979
Dimensions Beyond the Known Content : Firstly, I am not influenced by Mahavira, Buddha, Christ or Mohammed. It is the beauty of religion that in one sense it is always old. It is in this sense that religious experiences are known to many persons. No religious experience is such that one can say that "It is mine only."
The Eternal Quest
Talks given from 1967 to 1972, Original in Hindi, 15 Chapters, Year Published : 1980
The Eternal Quest Content : As far as I am concerned, I do not see philosophy as Indian or non-Indian. It is not possible. Philosophy is only universal. There can be no geographical division in the human mind. These divisions, these distinctions, are political. Indian, Japanese and German, or eastern and western -- all these divisions are political. They have arisen out of the political mind. In the realm of philosophy we apply them unnecessarily. Not only unnecessarily, but meaninglessly as well. There is no Indian philosophy as such; there cannot be. Philosophy is a universal attitude…
Finger Pointing to the Moon
Talks on the Adhyatma Upanishad, Talks given from 13/10/72 am to 21/10/72 pm, Original in Hindi, 17 Chapters, Year Published : 1994
Finger Pointing to the Moon Content : I will say only that which I know. I will say only that which you can also know. By knowing I mean living it. One may know even without living it, but such knowledge is a burden; one may sink because of it, but one cannot be saved by it. Knowing can be alive also. Such knowing renders us weightless -- light so that we can fly in the sky. Only when living becomes knowing do wings grow, fetters break and the doors to the infinite become wide open…
From Sex to Superconsciousness
Talks given from 01/8/68 to 30/10/68, Original in Hindi, 5 Chapters, Year Published : 1979
From Sex to Superconsciousness Content : To feel it is easy, to define love is difficult indeed. If you ask a fish what the sea is like, the fish will say, "This is the sea. The sea is all around. And that's that." But if you insist -- "Please define the sea" -- then the problem becomes very difficult indeed. The finest and the most beautiful things in life can be lived, can be known, but they are difficult to define, difficult to describe…
The Great Path
Talks given from 11/9/74 to 20/9/74, Original in Hindi, 10 Chapters, Year Published : 1994
Image Not Available Content : Two ways exist of searching for the truth. One way is that of the male -- aggression, violence, the scramble for power. Another is that of the female -- surrender, withdrawal. Science is the male path, aggressive; religion is a female path, bowing down, submissive. Make this distinction very clearly…
The Great Secret
Talks given from 11/1/75 to 20/1/75, Original in Hindi, 10 Chapters
The Great Secret Content : I look at you and am convinced of one thing, that you once had something -- some treasure, some symmetry, some secret, some key -- but you have lost it. Every moment, asleep or awake, you are always busy looking for something. It is quite possible you do not know exactly what you are searching for and that you are unaware of what you have lost, but I see the hunger in your eyes. It is apparent in every beat of your heart…

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