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Reply To Management Team of O.I.F.
Posted by Osho Team Poona     Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 03:01
October 12, 2011

In response to the circular issued by Management team of Osho International Meditation Resort date 9th October 2011, we state that:

1. First of all, there has been an application filed by the trustee of Osho International Foundation (OIF) Mr. Mukesh Sarda at the office of the Honorable Charity Commissioner at Mumbai dated 19th September 2011. This application is filed by OIF to transfer the portion of trust property by way of gift to Darshan trust situated in New Delhi under section 36 of Public Charitable Trust Act 1950. The copy of the same is available on http://oshowork.org/updates.html

2. The said application for gifting part of Osho Ashram is in contradiction of the statements made by Ma Amrit Sadhna . Our question is that if they are mortgaging ashram property #9 to raise funds for renovations and upgradations then why this generous act of gifting is required?

3. In appreciation of the said developments as mentioned by Ma Amrit Sadhna, our contention is that such development is done by thousands of Osho disciples from around the world by contributing their time, money, labor and dedication to Osho. Where are those people and why they are not able to come into ashram anymore? The presence of people has now reduced to 70% - 80% in last five years.

4. The front road and award winning Osho Teerth Park was made and completed in the year 2000.

5. We heartily appreciate presence and contributions of Swami Jayesh, Amrito and Yogendra. Respectively we would like to have list of Inner Circle members and period of their tenure holding membership of Osho’s Inner Circle since its inception.

And further we pledge to all the persons concerned that:

We are making statements hereby in order to clarify our stand on the matters taking place in current situations. So there is no prejudice amongst fellow travelers.

We have mainly Six fundamental objectives with the administrators, trustees and persons responsible in Osho International Foundation, Neo Sannyas Foundation and the directors/ members Osho Multimedia & Resorts private Limited:

I. Do not create or cause to create any third party interests in the properties by the way of sell, gift, lease, easement, endowment or otherwise. Because these properties and its benefit factors, belongs to Osho followers who have created it in the presence of Osho with their time, money and dedication. This objection includes all the infrastructure developments which have taken place in the said trusts premises.

II. We appeal to make the entry fees nominal up to Rs.100/- without prejudice of cult, creed and nationalities in order that all the disciples can afford to pay the same.

III. Osho Disciples have right to work in ashram for 3 hours while paying the entry fees and up to 6 hours for free workers pass.

IV. Considering Osho’s words “Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” we appeal that all the decisions specially on fundamental issues shall be passed by more persons and the powers shall not rest with handful persons.

V. We demand transparency in the decision making and accountability in all trust matters.

VI. We appeal to stop the indiscriminate banning of fellow travelers seeking entry in trust premise.

1) Yogesh Thakkar alias Swami PremGeet

2) Kishor Raval alias Swami Prem Anadi

3) Nitin Phulphagar alias Swami Nitin Bharti

From Koregaon Park, Pune India