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Posted by OWF    Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at 18:01
Why do you always speak for ninety minutes?

There are many reasons, but because ninety minutes are soon going to be complete, I will tell you about only a few. The first is, after thirty minutes one third of you fall asleep. After sixty minutes, two thirds. After ninety minutes, all. Then I have to leave.

And the second: I have no wife here. First you will have to understand a story, then you will understand my answer. What do I mean by saying that I dont have a wife?

It is said of a great political leader that whenever he would speak he would go on and on, non-ending, but whenever his wife was present his speech would be very short and sweet. His secretary was perfectly able to understand what the matter was: when the wife was present he was afraid. So there was no curiosity about this, but about one thing he was very curious. Before the leader would start speaking, the wife would always send a small note through the secretary. It was always so.

One day, just out of curiosity he looked at the note. There was not much - just a single word: KISS.

He thought, She loves him so much, always sends a note saying "KISS" before he starts. So that day, when he found the leader alone he said, You have a far-out wife! Living with her for thirty years, and she is still so romantic - every time you speak she sends a note saying "KISS".

But the politician became very sad, and he said, You dont understand; it is a code word. It means "Keep It Short, Stupid."

Osho, The Revolution, Ch 2, Q 6