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Rather than fasting, eat less
Posted by OWF    Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 12:19
In darshan, Mohan, a student from Amritsar, asks if fasting would be of any value to him.

No need for long fasts but small fasts will be good just once in a while for not more than twenty hours, not more than twice a month. Dont go on long fasts - that is destructive to the body - but once in a while, after two weeks, you can go on a one-day fast.

Rather than fasting, eat less; that is far more helpful. Dont make the body heavy with food because food functions like an intoxicant. If you eat too much then it is no more a nourishment; it becomes an intoxicant. And when food is an intoxicant it is against meditation; hence people started fasting. But to fast long is destructive to the body, and the body is the vehicle. We have to use it, even to go to God it will be needed. So dont weaken it, keep it strong.

But once in a while it is perfectly good, it is a purification.

Osho, Let Go!, Ch 16