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Millions of lives…
Posted by OWF    Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 14:00
As you grow old, the past grows more and more, and the future becomes less and less. For a child there is no past, only the future. If you talk to the child, you have to be future-oriented. Thats why Christ goes on talking of the coming Kingdom of God, the life abundant - the future. In India, that would not have been useful at all. People have become so old, the whole mind has become so old, that you cannot be fooled by words like ‘Kingdom of God’. They have lived too much, and you cannot allure them towards more life. They are bored and finished with life. You cannot tell them that abundance of life will be there. They will say, ‘This much has been too much! What will we do with an abundance of life?’ No. The Eastern mind wants to be freed from life and death both. The East is bored, as every old man is bored. He lived, groped in every dimension, and everything was found to be futile, fruitless.

An old mind is bored. The East is bored with life. You cannot promise more life. That will not be a promise; on the contrary, that will look like a punishment. So in the East we have been using a totally different device, and that device is: the wheel of life and death.

We say that millions of times you have been born - we give more boredom to the mind - for millions of lives.... Hindus say that everybody has been in this world, at least before human birth, eighty-four crore times - that is, eight hundred and forty million times everybody has been in the world. And everybody had been repeating the same pattern - childhood, the fantasies of childhood; the youth, the foolishnesses of youth; the old age, the boredom; and death. And the wheel moves and moves and moves. Eight hundred and forty million times you have been just the same: always hankering, desiring the same things; always achieving them or not achieving them, but in the end frustration; whether you achieve or you dont achieve, in the end frustration. The whole story always comes to the same point: frustration - of those who are successful and of those who are not successful. Just think! Eight hundred and forty million times you loved, and became frustrated. Eight hundred and forty million times you tried, became ambitious, succeeded in getting a little prestige, money, and then became frustrated. Eight hundred and forty million times born, and then, by and by, life going out and dying again.

What is the message of this theory of reincarnation? The message is: Enough is enough! Now, be finished with it! Now come out! If you remain inside, this wheel will go on and on and on. Now out! - a real out. Not ping out of the society, or of the school, but ping out of the wheel of life and death. Just out and run away! - out of the house.

This is the language a bored man can understand. But both are devices. Dont ask me which is true. They are neither true nor false. The truth you will know when you are out of the house; truth you will never know inside the house. So whatsoever helps you towards the sky, the freedom, the openness, that is true. Thats why I say all religions are true, in the sense that they all help. And a religion becomes untrue when it stops helping.

Osho, Until You Die, Ch 7 (excerpt)