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Create a balance between science and religion
Posted by OWF    Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at 13:01
Remember: science is intellectual, religion is intuitive. They are basically and fundamentally different. So the man who becomes too much rooted in science becomes incapable of understanding religion. This is one of the problems modern humanity is facing. We are teaching science to every child, and, unknowingly, we are making every child incapable of understanding religion. And I am not saying dont teach science to children - science HAS immense value - but remember to teach religion TOO, so that they can keep a balance. Because science can only give them more power of the outer world - it will not give peace. Science can give riches from the outside, but it will keep them inwardly beggars.

Create a balance. Teach science, but also create an atmosphere in the schools, colleges, universities where people can meditate, pray, where people can also start growing their inner sense. Dont destroy their inner sense; otherwise, you have destroyed their humanity, you have dehumanized them. Then they will be just like robots. They will be just zombies. They will go to the office and work, they will go to the factory and work, they will produce but there will be no creativity. They will produce, but there will be no joy. They will live and they will always wonder, "For what are we living?" They will live but there will be no meaning in their lives, no poetry in their lives.

Just look at people: they are living, but what kind of life is this? Just dragging, somehow dragging. A great weight on their heads, and continuously feeling that the whole thing seems to be pointless, continuously feeling that all seems to be just accidental - there is no meaning. And when there is no meaning, how can there be joy and celebration?

Teach science, certainly, it is a must, but it is not all. There is something beyond it too. Prose is good, but a man who does not know poetry is missing something of immense value. Mathematics is good, but a man who has no sensitivity for music is not a real man. Production is good, but man is not just a machine - some creativity some creative expression is needed. And that always comes through the inner sense.

Osho, The Perfect Master, Vol 2, Ch 9 (excerpt)