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Oneness is the experience of silence
Posted by OWF    Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 17:08
Beloved Osho,

To be open and to be witnessing are two different things. Is it so, or is this a duality created by my mind?

Mind always creates duality; otherwise, to be open or to be witnessing are not two things.

If you are open, you will be witnessing.

Without being a witness, you cannot be open; or if you are a witness, you will be open - because being a witness and yet remaining closed is impossible. So those are only two words.

You can either start with witnessing - then opening will come on its own accord; or you can start by opening your heart, all windows, all doors - then witnessing will be found, coming on its own. But if you are simply thinking, without doing anything, then they look separate.

Mind cannot think without duality. Duality is the way of thinking.

In silence, all dualities disappear.

Oneness is the experience of silence.

Osho, Beyond Enlightenment, Ch 3, Q 3 (excerpt)