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Bliss is Wisdom
Posted by OWF    Monday, October 8, 2018 at 18:14
In darshan, Osho gives a name to a new disciple: Anand Manish. Anand means bliss; manish means wisdom.

Bliss is wisdom. Bliss is not knowledge and knowledge is never bliss; knowledge brings more and more misery because it brings more and more ego. The idea that "I know," is nothing but a projection of the ego. Wisdom happens when you have come to know that you dont know at all. The first step into the world of wisdom is that, "I dont know," that, "I dont know anything," that, "I am utterly ignorant, all knowledge is superficial." Then something tremendously valuable starts happening and it does not come from the outside.

Knowledge comes from the outside; it is from the ures, from the teachers, from the parents, from the society. Wisdom wells up within yourself. But it can well up only when you are in a state of bliss. If you are miserable, if you are depressed, you hold it, you dont allow it to grow. It remains repressed in you, you go on sitting on top of it like a rock. A miserable person becomes a rock, he becomes very very heavy, serious; and wisdom is possible only when you are playful, non-serious. When you can laugh, when you can be a child again... when life is not taken seriously, when life is only a drama and the earth is a vast stage and whatsoever you are doing is nothing but playing a game... when life is acting, when life is an art nothing serious about it, not a business in those moments of cheerfulness, playfulness, something inside you starts growing. It is like a seed: we come with it, but it remains a seed.

Playfulness, cheerfulness, blissfulness, give us the right climate in which the seed can grow and become a sprout. Then much foliage comes to it and flowers and fruits. A man of wisdom is utterly fulfilled.

Remember not to fall into the traps of misery. They are old traps, well known; you are familiar with them, they have become your second nature. All your awareness is needed to destroy those old habits; great awareness is needed to de-automatize you; and thats what meditation is, great awareness which destroys all habits, slowly slowly, and makes you free of habits. When one is free of habits, one can act spontaneously, not out of the past but in response to the present. And that very spontaneity makes you cheerful.

Slowly slowly, cheerfulness deepens. When it has touched your very center it is called blissfulness. Cheerfulness is on the surface like waves, but if you continue to remain cheerful, it starts soaking in, sinking in; one moment comes when it touches your heart... then it is bliss. The deepening of cheerfulness is bliss, and bliss is the climate in which wisdom grows.

Osho, The Rainbow Bridge, Ch 29 (excerpt, unpublished)