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It is impossible to miss
Posted by OWF    Monday, October 1, 2018 at 16:20
When I am talking to you, everybody will feel that I am talking to them because whatsoever I am saying is so fundamental that it has to be related to everybody. I am not particularly talking to anybody, but I am talking about such fundamental things that it is impossible not to be related with those fundamental things - everybody is related, more or less. When I talk about love, you will all feel that I am talking to you because love is your problem - everybodys problem. When I talk about the mind, of course you will think I am talking to you, because you have a mind as everybody else has, and all minds are mad.

So when I touch on a fundamental truth, everybody is bound to feel that there has been a special message for him. But remember, I am only talking about the fundamental truths. They are addressed to everybody here but not to anybody in particular, though I know everybody will feel. Good, thats beautiful that you feel directly connected with me.

The two hunters sat in their boat, hidden from the view of any ducks that might happen. They waited and waited. Suddenly they heard a noise in the growth alongside them and upon parting the reeds found another hunter - cockeyed drunk and working on the death of another fifth.

“Hey!” they warned. “This is our spot. Get the hell downstream.”

The drunk said nothing. He just killed the bottle and then paddled two miles away. A single duck came skimmering by a short time later. The two hunters each fired two shots and missed. Then they watched downstream as the drunk took one shot and bagged it.

They paddled down to offer congratulations. “Say,” they told him, “that was pretty fast. Howd you do it?”

“Aww...” said the drunk. “With all them ducks up there, how could I miss?”

Thats how the situation is here. With so many orange ducks around, I can go on shooting. There is no need to make any target, how can I miss? It is impossible to miss.

But good that you feel personally connected - but remember, dont make it an ego-trip. The mind is very cunning and you have to be constantly alert about its subtle ways, otherwise you will think, “I am somebody special. Osho is talking just to me.” And then you will start fantasizing and projecting, and you will be lost in your fantasy world. Yes, I am talking to you too, but not specially. I am talking in a very general way; I am telling you that which is fundamental - naturally it is your foundation too.

Osho, Tao: The Pathless Path, Vol 1, Ch 6, Q 5