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Osho speaks on Euthanasia
Posted by osho World Foundation    Monday, August 27, 2018 at 18:30
Only one religion, Jainism, has accepted it for almost ten thousand years. They call it santhara. They dont call it suicide. Santhara simply means a man has become ripe; just as a fruit becomes ripe and falls from a tree, a man has become ripe, has no need to live in the world. He has experienced all that the world provides and now to go on living seems to be unnecessarily troublesome for himself and for others.

He should be allowed to leave his body.

That is the only spiritual philosophy which gives euthanasia a validity.

And I also feel it is valid. It should be mans birthright - but not that a young man wants to die because his girlfriend has gone with somebody else. That will not be enough for euthanasia. That simply means he has to find another girlfriend.

When there is no reason, no complaint, no grudge, no grumbling, if one is not against life, one simply finds that all that has to be lived has been lived - now what are you doing here?

Up to now society has been forcing such people to commit suicide, which is ugly. And the responsibility is of the society because the society does not provide proper means for a man to have a beautiful death.

I am in favor of beautifying everything - death included.

Osho, The Transmission of the Lamp, Ch 41, Q 2