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I am bound to be contradictory
Posted by osho World Foundation    Monday, July 16, 2018 at 12:45
I am bound to be contradictory

A Buddha is not a philosopher, he is not a systematizer. A Buddha is not logical in any way. He is simply alive, and he reflects everything that is.

So when you come to a Buddha, he answers you. He has no fixed answer to give to you, he answers you. He has no public face. All his faces are private and they depend on you. If you bring a beautiful face to him, you will see your own face reflected. And if you come without any face... pure, mirrorlike... nothing will be reflected. Then Buddha disappears, he has nothing to say.

Those who lived with Buddha, they knew. When they had their own minds, those minds were reflected in him. When their minds ped, they really became meditators, and when they looked at Buddha there was nobody... just emptiness, a valley, pure silence, primal innocence but nobody there.

These sayings are collected, compiled, by a certain school. They are very consistent. Many sayings have been ped which were apparently contradictory. Many have not been included which were ambiguous. These sayings were collected by a particular school. Later on I will be discussing other sources, and many times you will come across contradictions. Remember it.

And those who are near me, they have to understand this, absolutely clearly, because I will be contradicting myself every day. It depends on the climate. It depends.... If the weather is very cloudy, I am cloudy. If the sun is shining bright and clear, I am that way.

You not only come to me with questions, you also come with the answers. Maybe the answer is not known to you, maybe the answer is hidden in your unconsciousness, lurking somewhere in the darkness of your soul. The question is conscious, the answer unconscious. My function is to make your answer clearly obvious to you, to bring it to light. I am bound to be contradictory.

I am not a public man. I am not interested in the crowds. I am interested only in disciples and devotees. That means I am interested only in intimate relationship. I am interested in you, and whatsoever I say to you is said to you and is irrelevant for others. When I talk personally, then I am talking to a particular person. To others it may not be relevant. Even to the same person it may not be relevant tomorrow, because he will be changing.

Life is continuous change. And I am only consistent with life and nothing else. So I am bound to be contradictory. So if sometimes you come across contradictions, dont be in a hurry, and dont try to figure out somehow, and dont try to fix them. Let them be as they are.

Osho, The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol 2, Ch 7 (excerpt)