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A lovely statement by Osho that he hasn’t been angry in 35 years… given in Manali.
Posted by osho World Foundation    Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 18:06
My only consideration is truth

Q: Last night during the TV interview, you seemed angry about certain political leaders. Will you kindly tell us exactly who the people are who make you angry?

I have not been angry for thirty-five years, but I can understand the question. Whenever I say something which hurts you, you think I am angry. I am simply stating the truth.

I am not a politician.

I do not consider you when I speak.

I do not consider how you are going to react to it. A politician thinks before he speaks, what would be liked by you. He says only things that you would like; it does not matter whether they are true or untrue. I am not a politician. I never consider you.

My only consideration is truth.

Whether it hurts or heals does not matter to me. Even to be hurt by truth is better than to feel nice by a lie.

So when you feel hurt, you think I am angry. I am angry against nobody. No politician, no religious leader can make me angry - because why should I suffer for other people? Anger is suffering, burning yourself for some other peoples faults. I simply say whatsoever is right.

My heart is full of compassion for those people who may feel hurt. I can heal them, but they should understand that I am not angry. I dont consider anybody as my enemy in the whole world, although there are millions of people who think they are enemies of mine. That is their problem.

As far as I am concerned, everybody is my friend.

I am going to do everything that can help the person to realize his reality, to discover his original face, to start living in his innocence and beauty. But sometimes my work is almost like a surgeons - it hurts. But there is no intention to hurt anybody. It hurts because a cancer has to be removed from you. The wound will heal. The cancer was not going to heal, it was going to kill you.

Sometimes my emphasis on certain things is misunderstood. I am not an orator. I dont even know the ABC of the art of speaking. I am simply talking to people heart to heart. I have something to say, and my way of saying is not that of a trained orator. It is human, raw, alive. So sometimes I may emphasize something and you may think I am angry - but I have not been angry for thirty-five years. I have really forgotten how to be angry.

If you can make me angry, I will really enjoy it because I have forgotten even the taste. Thirty-five years is a long time. In these thirty-five years I have only loved. So if you can manage to make me angry I will be really grateful to you.

Osho, Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries, Ch 5, Q 8