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love is the real thing
Posted by Osho World Foundation    Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 10:56
Q: I love roses, but also other flowers.

Why only roses and why only flowers? Love should be unaddressed. Love need not be oriented towards the other. Love oriented towards the other is not true love, love as relationship is not true love. Love as a state of being is true love. One can love a woman, one can love a man, one can love ones children, one can love ones parents, one can love roses, one can love other flowers, one can love a thousand and one things but these are all relationships.

Learn how to be love! So it is not a question of to whom your love is addressed, it is simply a question of your being loving. Sitting alone, still love goes on flowing. Absolutely alone, still, what can you do? Just as you breathe... you dont breathe for your wife; it is not a relationship. You dont breathe for your children; it is not a relationship. You simply breathe! - it is life. Just as breathing is life for the body, love is the life of the soul - one is simply love! And then only does one know that love is God.

Jesus says: "God is love." I say to you: "Love is God." The words are the same, but the significance is very different. Jesus says: "God is love." Then love becomes only one of the qualities of God. He is wise also, powerful also, a judge also, and many things more. Amidst all those qualities he is love too. Jesus statement was very revolutionary in those days, but not anymore.

I say: "Love is God." Then it is not a question of God having many other qualities. In fact, God disappears - love itself becomes God. Love is the real thing. God is the name given by the theologians to something they know nothing about. There is no God; the whole existence is made of the stuff called love.

But if you love the word God its perfectly okay, you can call it God. But remember always it is LOVE, and you will know this love only when love has become a state of your being, a simple state of your being.

Osho, Be Still and Know, Ch 10, Q 5 (excerpt)