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Enlightenment is like patience
Posted by OWP    Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 11:02
When I used to travel in India - for twenty years continuously - many times it happened that I would be in a train compartment with only one passenger. And because I was not interested in talking to the passenger, he would start playing patience - a game of cards you can play alone, you need not have any partner. They would feel a little embarrassed, but I would not pay any attention to them so they would start playing cards.

One day one man said, "You must think that I am crazy playing cards alone."

I said, "I dont think you are crazy. This is my business too!"

He said, "What do you mean? You also play patience?"

I said, "No, but enlightenment is like patience!"

Enlightenment is a dialogue with yourself, it is a monologue. You have to ask the question and you have to give the answer. When you see the futility, you become silent. Thats how Buddha became silent! Then one sits under the tree "doing nothing, and the spring comes and the grass grows by itself." And what to do? - when the grass grows you have to cut it and AGAIN sit silently, and AGAIN the grass grows so you cut it again. Again and again...

Osho, Come, Come, Yet Again Come, Ch 14, Q 1 (excerpt)