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Osho NeoVipassana Meditation Retreats
Posted by OWF    Monday, July 17, 2017 at 16:14
Osho NeoVipassana Meditation Retreats in Netherland, USA and Canada Facilitated by Swami Chaitanya Keerti, (The author of Mindfulness the Master Key)

21-23 July Hague, Netherland
Ma Amrita, +31 643264919
Osho Wajid Meditation
Prins Hendrikplein 1, 2518 JA Den Haag
+31 70 346 0023

July 28-30 Washington DC
Ma Vasanti (813) 830-1008
Dhyanyoga Meditation Center, 15155 Bronze Post Ct.
Centerville, VA 20121

August 4-6 Dallas TX.
Zorba Studio ( 214 ) 995-8925,
Ma Sangeeta (214) 724-1991

August 11-13 San Diego
(760) 887-4192
Mission San Luis Rey4050 Mission Ave,
Oceanside, CA.

August 15-16 Boulder
C Kabir (303) 443-8029 Informal get-together and Sharing ckabirnaropa.edu

August 19-20 Vancouver
Sw. Govind (778) 855-7301
Osho Tantra Prana Meditation Retreat
Venue: Healing Movements Yoga Center
1304284 Avenue, Surrey. BC

August 25-27 Toronto
Sw. Anmol (416) 365-1800
Osho Satsang Meditation Center Brampton, ON. Canada

September 1-3: New York
( 718) 644-7077
Osho Sadhana Meditation center,
18-52 21st Drive

The traditional method of Vipassana is a very cold, dull and dead way, and because it is cold it takes a longer time – perhaps a few lives to become awakened. I want vipassana to be a warmer path; then it becomes a short cut.

When there is music and your whole body thrills to it, and when there is song … although you are sitting, in a subtle sense there is a dance in you. You cannot remain unconscious; you have to become more watchful. And if you can start living moment to moment in different ways – but always total – vipassana will happen to you more easily than you can conceive because you have never seen anything happening so easily, without effort, on its own accord. You can force yourself to sit in silence and remain awake. I don’t teach that kind of vipassana. I teach a vipassana that follows you like a shadow, as a by-product of your total living.