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Religiousness is not something to be believed in, but something to be lived, something to be experienced...not a belief in your mind but the flavour of your whole being, says Osho, the Zen master.
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Posted by : OWF - Wednesday, January 02, 2013
It is an interesting fact that nothing is known of Lao Tzu's death. No one knows when he died, where and how he died. There is however a popular story that the last man to see Lao Tzu, asked him where he was going. Lao Tzu replied, he was returning to where he came from. The man said however...
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We Need Change, Not Revenge
Posted by : Ma Anand Bhagawati - Friday, December 28, 2012
Only a few weeks ago I penned an article about rapes in rural India, only to read about another gruesome rape that just happened in New Delhi. Delhiites are outraged, understandably so. Women are more frightened than ever to go to work or to even venture out shopping on their own, let alone use public transport...
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You Abuse it, You Get it Cut
Posted by : Swami Anand Kul Bhushan - Friday, December 21, 2012
The male reproductive organ is meant to make love, not war. It contains the most potent and the most powerful human energy of sex. So when this energy goes berserk, all hell breaks loose. Or, rape. This is happening with sickening regularity in India especially in Delhi...
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Osho Janmotsav Par Sikhai Gayi Dhyan Vidhiyan
Posted by : Amar Ujala, New Delhi/Internet Desk - Friday, December 14, 2012
ओशोधाम में 11 दिसम्बर को ओशो जन्मोत्सव मनाया गया है। नव संन्यास की परिभाषा गढ़ने वाले आध्यात्मिक गुरू आशो के जन्मदिवस पर आयोजित कार्यक्रम में ओशो के 600 से अधिक अनुयायियों एवं संन्यासियों...
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Osho Birthday Celebration, December 11, 2012, Oshodham, New Delhi
Posted by : OWF - Thursday, December 13, 2012
Osho birthday was celebrated on December 11, 2012, at Oshodham, New Delhi, where hundreds of Osho disciples and friends participated. The celebration began with a 5-day meditation camp from December 7 to 11, facilitated by Ma Yog Neelam and Ma Dharm Jyoti...
Full Story 1814 Reads Post Comments
Play Clan's Pune Store Theme: Oh So Osho!
Posted by : Roanna Fernandes, Lifestyle - Thursday, December 13, 2012
Drawing inspiration from Pune's very own Osho (or Acharya Rajneesh, for the uninitiated), one of our favourite Indian kitschy brands, Play Clan, recently launched a whole new collection creatively titled Oh So Osho...
Full Story 1479 Reads Post Comments
Dhyan Ki Awastha Ke Sath Hi Janm Lete Hain Hum : Osho
Posted by : Amar Ujala, New Delhi/Internet Desk - Thursday, December 13, 2012
ध्यान चेतना की विशुद्ध अवस्था है-जहां कोई विचार नहीं होते, कोई विषय नहीं होता। साधारणतया हमारी चेतना विचारों से, विषयों से, कामनाओं से आच्छादित रहती है। जैसे कि कोई दर्पण धूल से ढंका हो...
Full Story 1866 Reads Post Comments
A Dangerous Man
Posted by : Swami Chaitanya Keerti, The Asian Age - Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Though so much has been written about Osho, it is difficult to describe who he was. This enlightened master spoke with astounding clarity about every aspect of human experience and consciousness. Yet, he declared to his disciples...
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Through Osho's eyes
Posted by : The Times of India - Wednesday, December 12, 2012
The whole of life is nothing but a play, and one should not take it seriously. The moment you take it seriously you get into trouble. The very attitude of seriousness is the root cause of all anxiety. Take it easy...take life as fun! Really, life is nothing but a drama....
Full Story 1432 Reads Post Comments
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God knows no language so there is no need to bring language in; one can be utterly silent with God. That is the beauty of the communion called prayer.

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